June 13, 2017 E-MAIL PRINT

Inequity At DJ

Last year we published data showing a significant pay gap at Dow Jones between men and women who are members of IAPE, your union. The company in response studied the matter and said their internal and external reviews showed that salaries did not vary because of gender.

Now, IAPE has commissioned a detailed study of male and female pay rates at Dow Jones — and the troubling results confirm our previous findings that pay disparities at the company are very real, and longstanding.

The study, conducted by Strength in Numbers Consulting Group, looked at Dow Jones pay data for every union-represented employee from 2000 to the middle of 2016 and found that there was a significant gender pay gap in every location, in every quarter, and within the largest job single category here: reporter.

You can see all of the data HERE (http://iape1096.org/info/documents/170612PEreview.pdf). Below, we've picked out some particular points of importance.

This is the most powerful and detailed set of data we've ever been able to offer as you consider whether you are being fairly compensated. We encourage you to use the study results in salary discussions with your managers, and

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