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IAPE At 80

As we celebrate the 80th anniversary of IAPE, we'll take an occasional look back at key moments in our Union's history. Follow along with our #IAPEat80 series here.

In 1975, the Vietnam War finally came to an end, VHS and Betamax began their own battle for control of the videotape market, inflation was spiraling out of control, and IAPE members were being urged to accept a 12.5% pay increase.

It was a different time.


From The IAPE Newsletter, June 1975

Board OKs New Contract; Members Vote June 26th

I.A.P.E. members will vote Thursday, June 26, on the proposed three-year contract with Dow Jones. Highlights of the contract appear on this page, with a detailed description inside the Newsletter. At a meeting Saturday, June 14, in New York, I.A.P.E. directors voted 17 to 1 to recommend acceptance of the contract.

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