May 24, 2017 E-MAIL PRINT

We're 80!!

IAPE turns 80 today! We'll be marking our 80th anniversary with various events over the course of the year, starting with "Know Your Contract" sessions in New York (and yes, there will be cake).

For now, take a stroll along memory lane as we look back at the history of our Union, and how we grew into the organization we are today.


Today's IAPE is very different from the Union that was founded 80 years ago by a small group of employees in New York.

Here's a look at the long road that has led us to where we are today.

May 24, 1937 Dow Jones News Department Employees Association of New York is formed by 55 workers. Higher-paid members paid dues of $1 a month; lower-paid members paid 50 cents a month.

June 24, 1937 As employees from non-News operations joined, the Union's name was changed to Dow Jones Employees Association of New York.

April 16, 1946 The Union is incorporated in New York.

February 19, 1951 The Union becomes the Dow Jones Employees

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