October 27, 2017 E-MAIL PRINT

Patel, Hughes Elected

The IAPE Election Committee has been informed by TrueBallot Inc. that a majority of eligible voters have voted to elect Yogita Patel as President of the Independent Association of Publishers' Employees (IAPE), Local 1096 of The NewsGuild-CWA.

Ms. Patel received a total of 364 votes, compared to 197 for Robert Johnson and 51 for Bob Kozma.

Had any candidate finished first without receiving a majority of votes cast by IAPE members, a run-off election would have been necessary. The IAPE Election Committee declares Ms. Patel elected President, having received 59.48% of members' votes.

In the race for Secretary, the Election Committee has been informed Siobhan Hughes defeated Michael Tahmisyan by a count of 517 to 82. The Committee has declared Ms. Hughes elected.

615 of 1119 eligible members voted in this election, for a 54.96% participation rate. 612 members cast votes for the position of President, while 599 members voted for a candidate for Secretary.

These elections round out the remaining positions on the IAPE Board of Directors for the term of office beginning December 1, 2017 and

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