March 8, 2018 E-MAIL PRINT


In what has become an International Women's Day tradition, IAPE is reviving the discussion on the long-standing claim the union has against Dow Jones—a significant gap exists between salaries of IAPE-represented men and women, even when they do the same job and have the same level of experience.

Two years ago, IAPE kick-started the company-wide debate about the gender pay gap at Dow Jones followed by a ground-breaking study that has become the benchmark in our industry.

Today, we are commissioning a follow-up review. Working again with the consulting firm Strength in Numbers, we are looking to determine if there has been any improvement after our initial findings about reporters, the single largest job title here.

We don't want to stop there. As we said last year, we are investing in expanding our analysis to look into pay disparities that could be attributable to race. This has been complicated work for a glaring reason—we have few employees of color in the reporter title. And we are interested in hearing other suggestions about how we can further study the pay dynamics at Dow Jones.

Dow Jones has said no disparities exist because of race or gender

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