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Trading Insults


Aug. 24, 2016 -- Union and Company representatives met again yesterday for a full day of contract negotiations. IAPE opened the meeting with its ninth proposal document and addressed all outstanding items.

Dow Jones, clearly offended by the Union's continued demand for wage increases in excess of 4%, responded with a proposal holding to their earlier pay offer: 2% in each year of the next contract. Industry standards, and all that. Same as non-union Dow Jones staff.

No disrespect to non-Union staff, but IAPE members have spoken: they demand more.

Union members responding to yesterday's survey on the Dow Jones 2% proposal were clear: 79.66% of members who responded (698 respondents out of 1,307 eligible IAPE-represented employees) said they would not accept an annual 2% wage increase. 40% of IAPE members responding rate the Company offer as "poor," 35.43% of those members called it "insulting."

13.14% of respondents opted to attribute their own term to the DJ proposal. Inadequate, insufficient, disrespectful, pathetic and sickening were among the most colorful. | More

Contract Comments?

Want to weigh in on Dow Jones/IAPE contract negotiations? Feel the need to vent about management contract proposals? Think the union has missed something you want to see addressed? You've come to the right place. CLICK HERE to see what other IAPE members are saying about bargaining, then email your own feedback to We'll post your comments ASAP! - More

IAPE Trivia

Aug. 22, 2016 -- Congratulations to our latest winner of the IAPE trivia contest, New York member Aaron Rennie. Aaron had the correct response to our August 12th question: when inflation exceeds our negotiated pay raises, our contract provides for an "extra" cost of living allowance (COLA) increase of up to 0.75% (see Article IV, Section D). A tip of the hat to those who guessed "trick question" because our contract has expired. Our current agreement has actually been extended for 60 days (a built-in component -- see Article XXVI, Section B) through the end of this month -- nice try, though. Aaron's entry was selected | More

New Obstacles

Aug. 19, 2016 -- Contract bargaining. Even when you start moving in the right direction, you occasionally run into an obstacle or two. Such was the case during today's negotiation session in South Brunswick. As promised, IAPE presented a comprehensive proposal document addressing all open issues. Key among today's Union proposals were our points on health-care: premium-free coverage for employees in Canada, a 0.50% of salary cap in premium increases for U.S. employees, and a proposal to offset other cost increases with compensation in 2018 and 2019, when those increases result in reductions in actuarial value of any health plan. Obstacle number 1: addressing actuarial value is "Unworkable," the Company said. The value of plans could be | More

The Right Direction

Aug. 16, 2016 -- Two new proposals from the Company today: a counterproposal to our health plan document from last week, and a new proposal on "unresolved issues" (but not ones related to wages and compensation). Our initial reaction: We're moving in the right direction again. We recognize the Company has backed away from its demands for absolute flexibility in health-care coverage and other benefits. Management has withdrawn its demand to remove contract references to benefits and leaves of absence, it has moved off some of its demands for other clawbacks, and -- for the first time during this process -- it has shown a willingness to discuss contract guarantees against health-care changes and increases. There is one | More

Fairly Rewarded?

Aug. 10, 2016 -- IAPE members -- a brief bargaining session yesterday saw IAPE offer two new proposals: the latest in the "selected issues" back and forth, and a new Union proposal for protections against healthcare cost increases. Perhaps more notable than our latest bargaining session was yesterday's note to staff from Will Lewis, announcing News Corp's Fiscal 2016 earnings, and reflecting on "recent achievements." You know the story: circulation is up, U.S. advertising is down, we need to be vigilant on costs, PIB is "flourishing." "Our achievements are a direct result of the skill, creativity, passion and dedication of our employees -- for which I am immensely grateful," Mr. Lewis said. "As CEO, I will continue to strive to ensure Dow Jones is staffed by a | More

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